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Megan Gruenberg

Megan is from Canton, Michigan. She attended Capital University in Columbus, Ohio and graduated with a BA in Chemistry and Biochemistry in 2017. While at Capital, she was heavily involved in the chemistry department. She worked in the chemical stockroom, ran peer-learning workshops, and was a teaching assistant. She also conducted research with Dr. Nyenty Arrey during the final two years of her time at Capital. Megan came to MSU in 2017 where she joined the Draths research group where she works on converting methanol into value-added chemicals through genetic engineering of the bacterium Bacillus methanolicus. She earned her Master of Science in Chemistry degree in the Spring of 2020, and continues conducting research with Dr. Draths. Outside of the lab Megan enjoys playing the piano, trying out new recipes, and playing with her dog.

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